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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program at Mesalands Community College offers foundation-level courses in drawing, design and art appreciation, as well as courses focusing on traditional three-dimensional studio disciplines, such as bronze casting, ceramics, sculpture and foundry.  The College also offer a two-year Associate of Arts (AA) Degree with a focus in Two-Dimensional or Three-Dimensional studio arts, New Media/Graphic Design, or an Occupational Certificate in Metal Casting.

New Media/Graphic Design

Degree Requirements

AA New Media/Graphic Design – Plan of Study


Degree Requirements

AA Plan of Study – Two-Dimensional


Degree Requirements

AA Plan of Study – Two-Dimensional

Fine Arts Metal Casting Certificate

Occupational Certificate Requirements

Occupational Certificate – Fine Arts Metal Casting – Plan of Study

Gainful Employment

Fine Arts – Occupational Certificate

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  • Iron Pour


Yousif Del Valle

D’Jean Jawrunner

Joel Kiser