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Fine Arts – Degrees and Certificates

The Fine Arts studio program at Mesalands Community College offers foundation level courses in drawing, design and art appreciation as well as courses focusing on traditional studio disciplines such as bronze casting, ceramics, sculpture and painting.

New Media/Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Option offers Associate of Arts degree and the course of study allows students to become adept at using the elements and principles of design to create work that effectively communicates an idea. Through the course of study, the student will also become proficient at using the industry standard computer applications needed to see their work through to completion.
The course of study will allow the student to engage creatively to solve both simple and complex visual design problem as well as to help them learn to bring conceptual ideas to fruition in solid, usable, visual forms.

Degree Requirements

AA New Media-Graphic Design – Plan of Study


The Studio Option with two-dimensional emphasis, offers the student the opportunity to study various 2D studio media. The two-dimensional option encourages experimentation within drawing and painting, while also familiarizing students with critical and technical skills necessary to sustain an artistic practice.

The spacious laboratories will provide students with access to professional-quality equipment, including a full printmaking laboratory, lithography press, takach press, woodshop, 3D laser engraver, digital photo, and painting laboratory

Degree Requirements

AA Plan of Study – Two-Dimensional


The Studio Option with three-dimensional emphasis offers the student the opportunity to study various 3D studio media. The spacious laboratories at Mesalands Community College will provide students with access to professional-quality equipment, including a full metal fabrication shop, woodshop, 3D printers, ceramic kilns, electric pottery wheels and the historic metal-casting foundry.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Mesalands Hot Iron Pour, focusing on sand casting processes as well as ceramic shell for metal casting. The visiting artist program also exposes students to the works of current professional artists and showcases student work in both open and juried student shows. Instruction in the studio processes is done with an emphasis on creativity, craftsmanship, application and understanding of design principle, and safety. Instructors are nationally-recognized, practicing artists, who are dedicated to helping you explore, research and practice the visual arts.

Degree Requirements

AA Plan of Study – Three-Dimensional

Fine Arts Metal Casting Certificate

The Metal Casting Certificate offers hands-on creative experience with a variety of media applications to visual problem solving in casting. There is an equal emphasis upon student development of appropriate technical manipulation, individual creative initiative, and conceptual awareness and intent.

Bronze sculpture has a strong tradition in the College’s foundry

Occupational Certificate Requirements

Occupational Certificate – Fine Arts Metal Casting – Plan of Study