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Iron Pour Supplies

The following is a helpful list of tools and supplies that are frequently used by our students. When packing, consider your working habits and the tools and equipment that Mesalands has available. Remember that all Mesalands tools and equipment are communal and get frequent use. Most common regret: not bringing a grinder or hand tools. If excess luggage is a constraint, please make special arrangements with Professor Kiser ahead of time. PLEASE PLAN TO BRING YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT OR OTHER NECESSARY TOOLS.

We strongly encourage you to inventory and label your tools before you arrive at MCC Hot Iron. While we are not concerned with theft, unlabeled tools may easily be misplaced or lost in the shared studio space.

Tools Artists Should Bring

Tools Safety Equipment Miscellaneous Hand tools (vice grips, clamps, wire brush, etc.)

• Electric tools (grinder, drill, saws, etc.)
• Measuring (tape, ruler, T-square, etc.)
• Marking (grease pencil, chalk, sharpie, etc.)
• Misc. (X-acto, staple gun, scissors, chisel, etc.)
• Heavy-duty extension cord
• Outdoor work light
• Toolbox
• Lightweight work gloves
• Ear protection
• Face Shield
• Welding helmet
• Respirator/dust masks
• Digital Camera for documentation
• Tripod
• Flash Drive –With images of your work for PPT lecture!!!
• Sketchbook
• Paper, Sketchbook
• Pencils, pens
• Headlamp
• Flashlight

Tools Artists Must Bring

• 100% Cotton clothing, No synthetics for the day of the pour.
• If you have your own leathers, BRING THEM. We have some to share but it’s best if you have your own fitting set
• Leather shoes.
• Cotton Bandanas
• Leather gloves
• Safety glasses/goggle

Most importantly, artists are encouraged to bring their wonderful ideas, sketches, and paperwork.  Also, please be realistic about one’s goals, during the workshop. The Mesalands Foundry is a learning facility, not an industrial production facility. The goal of the Mesalands Foundry is to foster a creative learning environment for studio artists at all levels.