Mesalands Dinosaur Museum Closes Until Further Notice

Mesalands Dinosaur Museum announced closure today citing concerns for the public’s safety. “We want to be responsible to our visitors, employees, community and the world who follows and visits our museum.” A statement read on the Museum’s Facebook page. The museum joins a growing list of closures across the nation to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19.

According to Mesalands Community College’s president, John Groesbeck, this time will also allow for upgrades. The Mesalands Dinosaur Museum has always been a gem on Route 66. Bronze prehistoric creatures welcome visitors as they browse an exquisite collection of geodes. The Museum provides a viewing area where visitors have the unique opportunity to watch students work, as they preserve evidence from the past. A unique opportunity, provided by the College, to allow students to experience their skills in action as they learn.

Mesalands Dinosaur Museum will use this opportunity to continue building on its unique resource. When the museum opens again, visitors will be treated to a highly anticipated experience. An additional interactive component unlike any in our area.