Mesalands Community College’s Strategic Planning has Enabled Courses to Continue Online

  • Mesalands Community College in the next week, will reduce in-class time and ensure faculty are fully functional online. The faculty will eliminate meeting in class except where labs are necessary.
  • Classes will continue through next week, under these restrictions (March 16-20). The following week is Spring Break (March 23-27). During that time, the College will ensure all courses are available online. Students will be updated regarding classes following Spring Break.
  • Mesalands Community College moved to an online model for every course, on campus or off, in the last year. They have utilized new technology in the last year enabling faculty to teach online.
  • In the last year Mesalands Community College has incorporated online learning in every class they offer. They have also implemented new technology to make this possible. This forward thinking has allowed Mesalands Community College to better meet the needs of their students in these circumstances. Their unique hands-on learning style has complimented the instatement of new technology while keeping the practical practices of real-world training. Mesalands Community College is proud to continue offering career building education, where learning meets doing.
  • Mesalands Community College published an Emergency Operation Guide for Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases.
  • Mesalands Community College’s athletics are currently competing at a voluntary level, giving students the option to participate while maintaining their scholarships in this time of caution. Rodeos have been cancelled until April, as of this release. The Golf team is to begin their season March 28; however, the season has been cancelled by the NCCGA. Students will be notified as things progress.