Mesalands Community College holds 2019 Commencement Ceremony

May 14, 2019

Dr. Victor “Matthew” Pacheco delivered the commencement address. He encouraged the graduates to set their goals in life and to plan for the future.

Mesalands Community College recently held their commencement ceremony at the Tucumcari High School Auditorium. The 2019 graduating class represented 109 certificates and degrees and 11 high school equivalency diplomas.

Dr. Victor “Matthew” Pacheco of Tucumcari, a former Dual Enrollment Student, and now an area dentist delivered the commencement address. He talked about the importance of setting goals in life and how he knew early on he wanted to become a dentist. His journey started as a Dual Enrollment Student at Mesalands Community College. He also shared his advice on how the graduates could continue to succeed in the future.

“My advice to you is to set your goals and keep looking forward. Never quit,” said Dr. Pacheco. “It’s not what you fail at that defines you, but the decision to get back up and to keep going that defines you. There’s only so many times you will fail, before you succeed.”

Dr. John Groesbeck, President of Mesalands Community College, presents Mesalands graduate Brandon Smith, with a framed certificate of his 2019 Phi Theta Kappa New Mexico All-State Academic Team recognition.

During the commencement ceremony, five Dual Enrollment Students from Tucumcari High School and graduates of Mesalands Community College were recognized.

Brandon Smith, graduating with an Associate of Applied Science Degree and an Applied Science Certificate in Wind Energy Technology, was also recognized for being named to the 2019 Phi Theta Kappa New Mexico All-State Academic Team. Smith plans to transfer to Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM to complete his bachelor’s degree in the fall.

“I can tell you that there’s not one test or class that grants you your degree, but the accumulation of years and long nights and dedication that does,” Dr. Pacheco said. “From one small town kid to you, congratulations class of 2019!”


Mesalands Community College Graduating Class of 2019

High School Equivalency Diploma 

Gerald Baca Tristan Monterrosa
Jory Byrd Issa Orday
Raymond “Chano” Chavez Zachery Parks
Dylan Knight Dylan Szaloy
Jesus Lopez Brandon Vigil
JonAnthony Miller

 Occupational Certificate

Jenaro Acosta Stephen M. Hope
Gynelle M. Baca Samantha Hyslop
Frank Beltran+ Christian Josue Ivarbol
Katie D. Bradfield Dane M. La Count
Kristy Briones Ryan Lopez
Sarah Brown Michael Lucero
Hannah Bruhn Jeri Mares
Faith R. Carmody Michael Marroquin
Dylan Carrillo Emmerick E. Martinez
Anna Castillo Alyssa Martinez
Victoriana Chavarria Jordan Mirabel
Shyla Mae Curry Jesus Murillo
Rebecca Marie Darrup+ Jessa Jade Paddock
Adam B. Derrick Jasmine N. Perez
Andrew G. Diaz Colton Prudencio
Daniel Evans Eufemia Rayos
Taylor J. Foard Moises Reyes*
Johnathan Lucas Garcia Tyler Sanchez
Devante Garcia Antonio Segura
Dylan Germaine+ Alyssa Sena
Josue Grajeda James Stanczak
Priscilla J. Griego Monica Trillo-Barraza+
Bailee Gries Jodee Vargas

Applied Science Certificate

Victoriana Chavarria Brianna N. Lucero
Christopher J. Copeland Adena A. Schaff+
Rebecca Marie Darrup+ Brandon Smith+
Dylan Germaine Macy Marnae Smith
Roy Jackson

Liberal Arts Certificate

Kayla Gutierrez  

 Associate of Arts Degree

Nicholas Andrada** + Crystal Perrine**
Misty Diane Belanger Annette Burke Ross*
Rebecca Marie Darrup***+ Eva M. Sawyer**
Melissa Gardea-Delgado Adena A. Schaff ***+
Kayla Gutierrez*** Diedra Ann Vargas
Cristal Madrid** Dolores N. Vazquez
Heather Nicole Maggi Tanya J. Watson

 Associate Applied Science Degree

Jenaro Acosta Michael Logro*
Dylan Carrillo*** Bailey P. Mcknight**
Rebecca Marie Darrup*** Patrick C. Mendez
Roberto Mendoza DeLeon Jessa Jade Paddock
Susan L. Elrod**+ Eufemia Rayos
Daniel Evans** Moises Reyes*
Tatum U. Garcia* Sidney Sena
Dylan Germaine***+ Adena A. Shaff ***+
Joe Gonzales Brandon Smith**+
Levi Gray** Macy Marnae Smith***
Merleen Antonia Gutierrez Jaylene A. Tsosie
Kenneth Hoke**+ Brook Marie Valentine***
Christian Josue Ivarbol Diedra Ann Vargas
Dane M. LaCount*** Desiree Walker**+


Degree Honors
* Cum Laude (GPA 3.25 – 3.49)
** Magna Cum Laude (GPA 3.50 – 3.79)
*** Summa Cum Laude (GPA 3.80 or higher)
+ Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Veteran or Active Military