Local family donates 30 acres of land to the Mesalands Foundation

February 29, 2016

The Mesalands Community College Foundation, Inc. recently received 30 acres of land and a home from Dr. Ross Landess, on behalf of his grandparent’s William H. and Lala D. Landess. The property is located at 1500 South Rock Island Street in Tucumcari.

“The reason that my siblings and I decided to entrust this land to the Mesalands Foundation is because we have such great hope for the College, as the leader for change and restoring prosperity to that area,” Landess said. “My family still owns property in Tucumcari, but this property is what we cherish the most and has the most historical importance to us as a family. So giving it over to the Foundation was not a light-hearted decision, however, we felt that this was the very best thing that we could have done with this property.”

Landess, who is currently living in Rancho Mirage, CA, says three generations of his family is from Tucumcari and Quay County. He said this is where they developed many lasting friendships. He stated that the Rock Island property was primarily used as a horse farm. The property also had beautiful gardens because his grandparents were avid gardeners. There is a fairly large adobe home located on the property. He says Tucumcari was good to his family and they are very appreciative and cherish their background there. He says he hopes by donating this land to the Mesalands Foundation, the College, and the entire Quay County community will benefit.

“The College in my opinion is what seems to have emerged as being the most vital and promising enterprise in Tucumcari. Tucumcari’s future is going to depend on our young people there and educating them and giving them the skills and experience that they can apply in ways to enable them to prosper. In turn, Tucumcari and Quay County will prosper,” Landess said. “I have been very impressed with the College and with Dr. Newsom. He is incredibly positive and his vision and his commitment to Tucumcari’s strength and solidarity is one of the most promising in Quay County.”

Dr. Thomas W. Newsom, President of Mesalands, states the importance of this gift to the Mesalands Foundation.

“The College truly appreciates the Landess family’s understanding of the impact of this gift on helping not only the College, but the community,” Dr. Newsom said. “We are very excited that we have an instrument such as the Foundation, which allows people to directly impact our institution and our community, through gifts such as this. The College is very appreciative of the Landess family for considering the College with this incredible gift that will benefit the future of our community and our students.”

On behalf of the Mesalands Foundation, Craig Currell, Vice Chair, thanks the Landess Family for this donation.

“The Foundation has very big plans for that land and the home in the near future,” Currell said. “We are very appreciative of this gift because it will enhance the programs of the College.”