Students from Clarendon College complete courses at Mesalands

April 11, 2018

Students from Clarendon College learn horseshoeing hands-on skills in a Farrier Science class at Mesalands Community College.

A set of spurs and a belt buckle made by a Clarendon College student in the Artistic Silversmithing class.

Mesalands Community College is pleased to announce that 24 students from Clarendon College, in Clarendon, TX, recently completed two courses in Artistic Silversmithing and Farrier Science at Mesalands. This partnership between both institutions gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, learn from other students, and exposes them to new programs.

The Clarendon College students took ART 141: Beginning Spur Making and FAS 121: Horseshoeing Laboratory 1 at Mesalands Community College.

Mesalands Community College offers an Applied Science Certificate and an Occupational Certificate in Artistic Silversmithing. In Farrier Science, Mesalands has an Associate of Applied Science Degree and an Occupational Certificate.

Students from Clarendon College display the belt buckles, spurs, and jewelry they created in their Artistic Silversmithing class at Mesalands Community College.