Mesalands has successful 5th annual rodeo

October 15, 2012

Macy Fuller of Clarkston, WA finished the average in second place in goat tying. The Women’s Team was crowned Reserve Champions at the Mesalands 5th Annual Rodeo.

The 5th Annual Mesalands Community College Rodeo for the Grand Canyon Region was last weekend at the Quay County Rodeo Arena. This year there were more spectators, more competitors, and special guests at the rodeo.

The Women’s Team was named Reserve Champions with 385 points and the Men’s Team brought home four championship titles in bull riding, bareback riding, and in team roping.

David Gonzalez of Chihuahua, Mexico was not only excited about clinching his first championship title in bull riding last weekend, but the fact that his parents were there to share in his excitement.

“I think it was a good rodeo. I have no words to explain how it felt to have my family from Mexico there at the rodeo. I’m just so happy!” Gonzalez said.

Gonzales finished the average with 147 points. Teammates Kody Decker from Viola, KS and Cody Heffernan from Singleton, Australia, took sixth place in bull riding with 72 points.

Fellow Mesalands competitor Edmiles Harvey of Tsaile, AZ also performed well last weekend winning another Bareback Riding Championship title. Harvey led in the first go-round with 67 points and finished the average with 67 points.

David Gonzalez of Chihuahua, Mexico brought home the championship title in bull riding last weekend.

Teammates Chaz Kananen from Roy, MT, and Daniel Robertson from Huntland, TN, brought home the Team Roping Championship title finishing the average in 18.3 seconds. The Men’s Team had one of their best rodeos in team roping last weekend. Luis Delgado from Chihuahua, Mexico and Preston McCullar from New Mexico Highlands University finished the average in second place in 20.4 seconds.

The Women’s Team took second place at the rodeo. Macy Fuller of Clarkston, WA took second in the average finishing in 16.6 seconds in goat tying, close behind the title winner with 16.3 seconds. Betty Pack of Aztec, NM finished the average in 5.1 seconds taking second in breakaway roping and Shelby Rita of Sunset Beach, HI came in fifth place with 3.1 seconds.

“We had four girls place, which is the most we’ve had all year. Our Women’s Team is truly coming together,” C.J. Aragon, Mesalands Intercollegiate Rodeo Coach said. “We had a good turnout at the rodeo. Good community support. I was also excited to see Roger at the rodeo. It’s nice to get input and suggestions from him and have him see our College and our facilities.”

On Saturday Coach Aragon and Dr. Mildred Lovato, President of Mesalands, presented Roger Walters, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) Commissioner with a gift to show their appreciation for him attending the Mesalands Rodeo.

Roger Walters, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) Commissioner addresses the crowd during the grand entry at the Mesalands Rodeo on Saturday with Dr. Mildred Lovato, President of Mesalands and C.J. Aragon, Mesalands Intercollegiate Rodeo Coach.

Walters oversees 142 colleges nationwide with intercollegiate rodeo programs and 50 independent colleges. He says he was impressed by the integrity of the Mesalands Rodeo Program and the hard work and dedication of Coach Aragon.

“Coach Aragon’s attitude, work ethic, his ability to communicate with others, and his concern for his student athletes says a lot about the integrity of this program. You don’t get a coach better than that,” Walters said. “I was lucky enough when he was named Coach of the Year to be able to present that buckle to him. And to listen to what all of his students said about him. I’m telling you they don’t give those accolades for nothing.”

Kindergartners from Tucumcari Elementary School led the crowd in the Pledge of Alliance on Friday and Saturday. They also participated in a dance with College’s new mascot “Stampede.”

“How amazing it was to see so many athletes and supporters at the Mesalands Rodeo last weekend,” Dr. Lovato said. “Thanks to the Tucumcari Rotary Club for the wonderful job they did at the concession and thanks to the Tucumcari kindergartners for their help at the rodeo. They made this event very special.”

Other individual standings at the Mesalands Rodeo included:

Danny Chandler
3rd in Bareback Riding

Omar Ramirez/Jacob Rounds
5th Team Roping

Morgan McVay/Victor Ugalde (NMSU)
6th Team Roping