Illustrator Lectures on Machines for Living, Unique Opportunity for Fine Art Students and the Public

Colin Morse will be lecturing about his artwork this Wednesday at 1:30 pm in the wind energy lecture hall. Lecture hall 701. The title of his lecture is Machines for Living. The lecture is open to the public.

Colin Morse was born in Kansas, raised in Houston, Texas and received his Bachelors in Fine Arts at Texas Tech University.

Since 2010, he has been living in Brooklyn, New York, making artwork while also working in the fields of book dealing and labor agitation.

Through the lens of science-fiction and comic-books, Colin’s artwork plays with concepts of architecture, technology, and our changing environment. His primary mediums are ink and watercolor, which captures his more fantastical ideas in a highly detailed space of technical drafting. Instagram: colinmorse.dps