College Presidents Across the State Gather at Mesalands Community College to Collaborate on $150,000 Grant

Three independent College Presidents from across the state; Northern New Mexico College (Dr. Rick Bailey), Santa Fe Community College (Dr. Becky Rowley), and Clovis Community College (Dr. Charles Nwankwo) visited Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Mesalands Community College, under the leadership of Dr. Gregg Busch, was honored to welcome the New Mexico College presidents to campus and discuss ways the independent colleges can collaborate and improve student success and access.

Dr. Nwankwo, Dr. Busch, Dr. Rowley, Dr. Bailey

Mesalands Community College was happy to receive the grant in partnership with the independent colleges. The grant has been awarded to advance key objectives on student success, access, and prudent use of resources.

“All agreed that the collaboration of this partnership between our independent institutions would take success to new levels and the students will be the great beneficiaries.” said Dr. Busch.

The presidential partners will continue meeting and exploring the many ways they can share between them and maximize services to their respective colleges and communities. Mesalands Community College was one of the few colleges awarded the grant.