Cinco De Mayo May 4th Dance Tickets are Now FREE!

April 30, 2024, Tucumcari, NM. – Concerns have been voiced regarding the City of Tucumcari and Mesalands Community College charging a fee for the Cinco De Mayo entertainment on the evening of May 4th.

The Cinco De Mayo Planning Committee followed the precedent set by prior years and charged for the entertainment with proceeds committed to reinvesting in the Lodger’s Tax fund. However, following an evaluation for the cost of travel, due to increased fuel prices, and costs to visitors attending from outside of town, in conjunction with the community’s suggestions for free events, the Cinco De Mayo committee decided it was in the best interest of the community and the event to waive ticket prices.

The dance and LIVE entertainment tickets are free. Tickets may be picked up at the City of Tucumcari, Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce, and Mesalands Community College. Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the event. There will be no cost for the dance. The event is FREE, paid for in part by the Tucumcari Lodger’s Tax!

The afternoon family event at Mesalands Community College (1-4 pm) will charge $.25 for tickets used to play games. Ten free tickets will be distributed to the elementary school. Parents, be sure to ask your child about “Petey Bucks.” Proceeds will benefit future Cinco De Mayo family events at Mesalands Community College. Games include a dunking booth, prize grab, dinosaur dig, Oregon Trail, face painting, piñatas, mechanical bull, and so much more.