Business donates Alco building to the Mesalands Foundation

December 5, 2016

La Placita Plaza Inc. recently donated the Alco building located on Tucumcari Boulevard, to the Mesalands Community College Foundation, Inc. This gift will be used to support the growth and expansion of programs and services offered at Mesalands Community College.

“The College is always appreciative of the support that we receive from the Mesalands Community College Foundation, for all of our academic programs and services to promote student success,” said Dr. Thomas W. Newsom, President of Mesalands Community College. “The Foundation, ultimately through the College, supports our entire community and this gift from La Placita Plaza is yet another demonstration of the incredible support for Mesalands Community College, from our community partners.”

Dr. Newsom also said that La Placita Plaza retained the frontage area on the boulevard of the Alco parking lot, with plans to develop a smaller retail center at this location in the future.

On behalf of the Mesalands Foundation, Craig Currell, Vice Chair, says they are very excited about the multiple opportunities these new facilities could bring to the institution.

“We want to thank La Placita Plaza for giving the Mesalands Foundation, such a special gift that will be used to enhance the programs at the College,” Currell said. “We appreciate the donations we receive from the community, that continue to support the students, faculty, and staff at Mesalands Community College,” Currell said.

Currell stated that the Mesalands Foundation has been in discussion of possible plans for this property in the future, but plans are still being formulated at this time.

About Mesalands Community College Foundation, Inc.

The Mesalands Community College Foundation, Inc. is organized to be operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes as defined in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Mesalands Community College Foundation, Inc. was established to:

  • Maintain, develop, increase, and extend the facilities and services of Mesalands Community College and to provide broader educational service opportunities to its students, staff, faculty, and the residents of the geographic areas which it serves.
  • Solicit and receive gifts, grants, and bequests or to acquire property both by real and personal exchange, etc.
  • Make contributions, grants, gifts, and transfers of property outright or in trust for the exclusive benefit of the College or other tax exempt organizations.
  • Encourage private individuals and organizations to invest in the support of College programs and services.
  • Provide a corporate structure for managing private gifts and donations.
  • Provide added assurance to donors that their contributions will be utilized for the specified purposes.
  • Provide a medium for alumni and community leaders to participate in and contribute to the strengthening of the College through their participations in the solicitation, management, and distribution of private gifts and donations.

The Mesalands Community College Foundation, Inc. receives gifts of either cash or property. If you are interested in donating to the Mesalands Foundation, please contact the Foundation through the Office of the President at (575) 461-4413, ext. 108.