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Student Support

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is available each semester. Hours are posted in the Educational Services Center. Peer tutoring provides students with additional help in specific subject areas offered through the Pre-Collegiate program. Peer Tutors are qualified individuals who have progressed through their studies and are willing to help fellow students. Computer software and other learning aids are available for some programs. The Educational Services Center also provides the following services:

Intervention Support

Intervention Support takes place when individual faculty members or advising staff feel that a student is in need of additional assistance in academics, basic skill building, or other related areas.

Study Skills

A variety of individual instructional methods on study skills are available. Audio-visual materials, software programs, and individual assistance are available for student use in the Educational Services Center.

Success Workshops

Various workshops are provided each semester for the student’s enrichment. Topics include test-taking skills, academic success strategies, time management, and others.