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Business Administration

Business Administration degrees continue to be among the most popular across the nation and the world because they allow students to develop a valuable set of skills and abilities. The Business Administration degree provides students with valuable occupational flexibility as well as valuable employment skills. Business administration students also garner the conceptual abilities necessary to facilitate effective lifelong learning. Whether you want to enter the business world or begin your pursuit of a higher degree, a Business Administration degree at Mesalands Community College is an excellent choice.

AAS Degree Curriculum Requirements
AAS Plan of Study – Accounting (PDF)
AAS Plan of Study- Business Information System (PDF)
AAS Plan of Study- General Business (PDF)
AA Plan of Study – General Business (PDF)
AAS Plan of Study – Management Information System (PDF)

Business Office Technology Degree

A Business Office Technology degree allows students to gain valuable technical skills necessary for employment in a variety of positions. As technology continues to advance, employers are increasingly searching for well-trained employees with the requisite office skills. Students at Mesalands Community College not only gain proficiency in computer software/hardware and office equipment, but also learn critical interpersonal skills.

AAS Degree Curriculum Requirements
AAS Plan of Study- General Business Office Technology