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Animal Science

From feed sales and nutritionist to buyer, handler and manager, a career in animal science offers a variety of options.

The Animal Science program at Mesalands Community College provides educational career options in the equine and beef sciences. Following is a description of each option and the courses required in their recommended sequence.

Equine Science

Equine Science opens the door to multiple careers in the equine industry. From working at a large stable or breeding farm to individual horse ownership, a background in equine science provides the foundation for sound equine management practices.
The Equine Science option consists of courses in Animal Science, Equine Science and General Education. The combination of these courses provides a comprehensive educational foundation for many entry level positions in the equine industry.

AAS Degree Requirements
AAS Equine Science- Plan of Study (PDF)

Beef Science

Beef Science offers careers ranging from livestock exchange personnel to feed sales and farm/ranch management. All segments of the beef industry—from breeding and birth to slaughter and food sales—are in need of knowledgeable people who can maintain industry standards.

The Beef Science option in Animal Science includes a three-part curriculum of Animal Science, Beef Sciences, and General Education courses. The Beef Science option emphasizes nutrition and beef production.

AAS Degree Requirements
AAS Beef Science- Plan of Study (PDF)


Staci Stanbrough