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Get Creative: Spring 2014 Community Education Schedule

CE 282: Ancient Chinese Secret:

Chinese Cooking Instructor: Tammy Fang April 10 and 11, 6-9 pm
Tucumcari High School Culinary Arts Room
Local restaurateur Tammy Fang will demonstrate how to prepare many Chinese favorites. The first night will be all about Sushi. Students will experience hands-on training in preparing sushi. The second evening students will get training in a variety of different popular Chinese dishes.
Cost: $30.00

CE 452: Mesalands Gamers Club

Advisor: Larry Wickham
Ages 14 and up
Mesalands Community College Library
Whether you are into role playing games or just like a fast paced game of UNO™, come and check out the Mesalands Gamers Club. The Gamers Club meets in the Library on Wednesday nights from 6-9 P.M. We will also have additional events throughout the semester.
Cost: $20 per semester

CE 505: Creative Writing Workshop

Instructor: Gregg Howard
On-going enrollment Tentative Schedule:
Open enrollment through May 5; Mondays; 6-8 pm
Mesalands Community College Library
Have you ever thought about becoming a writer? Well, here’s your chance! Join the Mesalands Creative Writing Workshop and tap in to your own hidden potential. This open-enrollment class will serve as an introduction to the crafts and techniques of various types of creative expression.
No Charge

CE 510: Scraper’s Challenge

Instructor: Tana Haase-Garnet
April 18, 6-9 pm
April 19, 9-11 am
Themes are the thing! Join us to learn page set-up and themes. Learn layout, set-up, and get help documenting your memories with a beautiful scrapbook! Please bring your own supplies. Limited supplies will be provided.
Cost: $35.00

CE 511: Beadarama

Instructor: Tana Haase Garnet
April 9 and 16, 6-9 pm
Are you having trouble finding the right necklace for that special outfit? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make exactly what you want when you need it? Learn beading techniques to design and make your own jewelry for special occasions. Learn where to find supplies and get exactly what you want in this course.
Cost: $35.00

CE 512: Just a Tippin’

Instructor: Tana Haase Garnet
April 24 and 25, 6-9 pm
Tucumcari High School Culinary Arts Room
Ever wish you could make your very own specialty cakes for birth- days and other special occasions? Learn a simple technique that will add some pizzazz to any ordinary cake. Tipping gives a 3D effect to any cake, making it pop and making you a hit.
Cost: $40.00

CE 513: Just Meshing Around

Instructor: Candy Carmichael
April 15, 6-9 pm
Deco mesh wreaths are all the rage right now and can cost a fortune. Come learn from the expert crafter herself the “do’s and don’ts” of making this particular type of wreath. They are great gifts and can be made for all occasions. Now your front door can be inviting without breaking the bank! Space is limited so hurry and sign up! Each student will leave with a beautifully designed wreath.
Cost: $50.00

CE 514: Exploring the Great Wall

Instructor: Tammy Fang
April 17, 6-8 pm
A 233
Join us for an evening with Tucumcari’s own Tammy Fang exploring her Chinese heritage and culture. Tammy will conduct a lecture during which we will explore Ms. Fang’s Chinese heritage and culture. Tammy will focus on customs involved in a Chinese wedding. She will have traditional wedding attire and all things involved in the ceremony.
No Charge

New Mexico Insurance Exchange

Enrollment Opportunity
March 27
Time: 6:30-9 pm
North American Wind Research and Training Center – E707
Quay County residents who do not currently have affordable health care insurance, or have not qualified for Medicaid, are encouraged to attend this event. Trained guides will be available to answer questions and assist with applications. This event is hosted by the Quay County Health Council and Quay County Government, in partnership with Mesalands Community College.
No Charge

Adult Basic Education Classes

The Educational Services Center at Mesalands Community College provides free classes in the following areas: General Education Development (GED®), English as a Second Language, Literacy, or Citizenship. For more information, please call (575) 461-4413 ext. 124.

Fitness Center

Community members are welcome to utilize the Fitness Center at Mesalands Community College. The Fitness Center is open 24 hours per day and seven days per week, 365 days a year for a $25 monthly fee. There is no initiation or membership fee. Business memberships are available. For more information, or to take a tour of the Fitness Center call (575) 461-4413 ext. 120.

“Building New Mexico’s Economy One Business at a Time”
The Small Business Development Center at Mesalands Community College (SBDC) offers a variety of services, including: Management and Start-up Consulting; Business plan and loan package assistance; Access to computers, the Internet, and business software; Connections to other service providers. SBDC is offering the following free classes this spring semester:

IRS Compliance for Non-Profits

Stay in compliance the IRS has changed wording required in by-laws and articles of incorporation. What is your current non-profit status? Have you filed for reinstatement of your non-profit status? Are you current with annual reports to the IRS and the State of New Mexico? Do you need to update your by-laws and Articles of Incorporation to remain compliant?
No Charge

Small Business Development Center
If you are a New Business or Starting a New Business- You may need a resource designed to help answer all those questions. Do you need to test a
new idea for viability? Are you ready to estimate net income potential? Where are you with a name and logo? What legal structure is better for you? What funding options have you considered? Will a business plan clarify your objectives?
No Charge
The SBDC is located in building C.
For more information, contact
(575) 461-4413 ext. 140

For more information, call (575) 461-4413, 100.