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Whether a student wants to master media techniques, experiment with new concepts in artistic expression or build a solid foundation for continued artistic growth, Mesalands Community College has the facilities to provide the technical expertise and conceptual knowledge needed to reach those goals.

Fine Arts courses at Mesalands Community College are designed to encourage students’ individualism and technical proficiency. Much emphasis is paid to core courses such as Drawing, 2d and 3d Design. These basic skills are essential as a foundation for 2 and 3-dimensional oriented careers. In sculpture classes, students make pieces in wax or clay and learn the complete process of producing works in aluminum, bronze or iron. They also learn to make rubber molds and investment molds to pour molten metal safely, and to complete their finished piece. Students will apply patinas and present museum-ready work.

Faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students hone their skills and accomplish their aspirations. Students are given a solid foundation in developing technical skills that allow them to manifest their vision in any medium. Exploration in combining several media is encouraged. Each student is given the opportunity to develop an idiosyncratic body of work. This work may be used as part of a portfolio toward commission projects or a baccalaureate degree. Students are encouraged to understand and develop their aesthetic values and goals.


AA Degree Requirements
AA Plan of Study – Sculpture (PDF)

Two Dimensional

AA Degree Requirements
AA Plan of Study – 2 Dimensional (PDF)

Fine Arts Metal Casting Certificate

Occupational Certificate Requirements
Occupational Certificate Plan of Study – Fine Arts Metal Casting Certificate (PDF)