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Mesalands Community College


The Paleontology Program at Mesalands Community College provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and gain practical experience by conducting undergraduate research and preparing fossils at the Mesalands Community College’s Dinosaur Museum and Natural Science Laboratory.

Mesalands Community College offers an Associate of Arts degree with an option in either Geology or Paleontology. Both program options take full advantage of the rich natural resources of the region and the Natural Science Laboratory at the Dinosaur Museum.

Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of geology, biology, and paleontology. This program also emphasizes practical knowledge of fossils through a combination of field trips and laboratory work. An emphasis on the collection, preparation, and study of fossils culminates in a series of optional week-long summer “dinosaur digs.”

This exciting event is open to students that are interested in learning more about our unique academic programs. Contact us for more information.

Degree Requirements
Summer Field  Courses
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Dr. Axel Hungerbuehler, Faculty, Natural Sciences/Museum Curator

Mesalands Community College
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