Welcome, Dr. Hazel Rountree

Dr. Hazel Rountree

Mesalands Community College is happy to welcome Dr. Hazel Rountree as the Vice President of Student Success and Access, Diversity and Equity, and institutional Effectiveness. Dr. Rountree comes with thirty years’ experience in higher education beginning as a faculty member, then student services and finally in administration. “One of the great benefits of coming to a community college, we are able to meet students wherever they are and help them discover their potential and empower them to achieve their desired goals.” Dr. Rountree said. “My educational foundation is always putting students first.”

Dr. Rountree began her educational career at Sinclair Community College and went on to earn her law degree at the University of Dayton. She is a first generation college student. She has experience at all levels of Higher Education: faculty member, student activities, and administration. She was the Assistant Director of Affirmative Action Programs at Wright State University. She has been involved in Civil Rights law, the founding President/CEO of Wright Computer Connection, and an experienced CFO in Higher Education.

“We are exceptionally happy to invite Dr. Rountree to Mesalands Community College.” Said Dr. Busch.  “Her years of experience in education and administration are a valuable addition in accomplishing Mesalands Community College’s mission of providing student success, student access, and prudent use of resources.”  

Dr. Rountree was hired to act as the CFO and broadened to Vice President of Student Success and Access, Diversity and Equity, and institutional Effectiveness due to her extensive experience and qualifications. Her responsibilities include diversity, equity, institutional effectiveness, and above all, student success.

Dr. Rountree’s responsibilities include:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Program and Services Review
  • Program and Service Assessment
  • Institutional Research
  • Registrar
  • Accreditation
  • Retention and Persistence

She has also been charged with expanding the services of Mesalands Community College to students which will lead to greater success and access for our students and also bring Mesalands to a competitive level with other community colleges of which already offer these services. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel management System
  • Student Success and provides central leadership for implementation of Guided Pathways – student success initiatives
  • leads horizontally across the matrix structure to improves communication and collaboration on the three mission goals and prevents the development of vertical silos