The Fiesta Spirit Returns to Mesalands

Mesalands Community College was proud to welcome students, staff, and the Tucumcari community back on campus for this year’s Cinco de mayo celebration, our first large public event since 2020. Several hundred attendees sampled New Mexico culinary treats from visiting food trucks while listening to music, playing games, and smashing pinatas. This was also the first event featuring the new MCC Esports program. “My grandkids love it!’ laughed one local visitor as she tried to hold on to child, balloon and overstuffed burrito, while contending with the traditional Tucumcari breezy conditions. ‘We are so happy the college is doing this again.”

“This is quite a turnout,” commented one student volunteer while serving ice cold Pepsi products to the guests. “I’ve never seen the parking lots this full since I’ve been here”. And no one could be happier than the Mesalands Community College administration as we move (cautiously but hopefully) into the post-pandemic era. The Cinco de Mayo festivities are a great way to welcome the community back on campus to see some of the many changes from the past two years. And we have a number of dramatic upgrades planned for the near future, including new programs, new facilities, new student housing options, and new degree and certificate choices for students.  We are looking forward to the 2022 Iron Pour as well, which will take place from June 5th to the 11th, marking the return of another great Mesalands tradition. So Happy Cinco de Mayo, have a great spring, and good luck during finals week to all our students, faculty, staff, friends and supporters.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 2022 MCC Virtual Graduation ceremony, which will debut next Friday.