Mesalands recognizes Allied Health students

December 13, 2018

Last week, Mesalands Community College hosted an Allied Health Pinning Ceremony for students pursuing an Occupational Certificate in Nurse’s Aide and an Occupational Certificate in Phlebotomy. This ceremony marks the formal induction of a student entering the nursing profession. There were a total of 131 attendees to the Pinning Ceremony.

Pinning Ceremony Recipients:

Nurse’s Aide participants at the Pinning Ceremony included: (left to right) Alexandra Gressett, Felicia Martinez, Brianna Lucero, Lisasha Morales, Victoria Chavarria, Patricia Pacheco, Adena Schaff, Amanda Padilla, Emily Vargas, and Ashley Cullum (not in photo).










Phlebotomy participants at the ceremony included: (left to right) Sarah Brown, Anna Castillo, Priscilla Griego, Jasmine Perez, and Samantha Hyslop.