Mesalands hosts first Donor Appreciation Dinner

April 13, 2012

Mesalands Community College had its first donor appreciation dinner for the many supporters of the College on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. The dinner was co-sponsored by the Mesalands Community College Foundation, Inc. and William Cates of RBC Wealth Management.

“This was a wonderful event!” Dr. Mildred Lovato, President of Mesalands said. “This donor dinner gave the College the opportunity to show its gratitude to the individuals and corporations that continue to support the success of this institution.”

During the event, Dr. Lovato presented each supporter with a unique gift from the College. Bob McClelland Sr., Chair of the Mesalands Foundation was also presented with a plaque for his dedicated service on the Board of Directors. McClelland has been serving on the Board since 1999 and has recently decided to step down. He says he has enjoyed his time on the Board and witnessing the growth of the College over the years.

“My time on the Board has been wonderful,” McClelland said. “For a little town, we raised a lot of money for this College and for the kids.”

Dr. Lovato also presented a landscape of three possible future projects for the College including student housing, an equine complex, and a cyber café with a chocolate shop. These future projects were a precursor to the guest speaker’s presentation. Bob Hockaday of Energy Devices was the guest speaker at the event. He presented on the importance of taking risks. He said risk taking can help in creating new ideas to solve economic problems.”

Mesalands students Kelley Arroyo, Kendra Dean, David Huntzinger, and Coy Wilson expressed their gratitude to the donors for the availability of scholarships to assist in funding their college education.

“This College has actually instilled in me a lot of positive qualities that made me the person I am today,” Wilson said. “I can look back on the person I was then and appreciate everyone one of you that made my education possible.”

Wilson is from South Carolina and is a recipient of the Rodeo Talent Grant. He will be graduating in May with a degree in Farrier Science.

Co-sponsor of the event William Cates, says as a native of Tucumcari he welcomed the opportunity to give back to an institution that gives so much to the community.

“It’s impressive to have a College that has such a positive impact on the community,” Cates said. “I just wanted to be part of this event and do my part. I look forward to contributing the College’s Foundation in the years to come.”


Dr. Mildred Lovato, President of Mesalands presented Mr. McClelland Sr., Chair of the Mesalands Foundation, with a plaque for his dedicated service on the Board.










Volunteers at the Donor Appreciation Dinner.

Each donor was presented with a special gift.