Mesalands Esports Team is a WINNER of the 2022 Learn and Build STEAM (LABS) program!

WOW! Mesalands Esports Team is a WINNER of the 2022 Learn and Build STEAM (LABS) program! Generation Esports partnered with AMD and Asus to provide schools with brand new gaming equipment. Out of hundreds of applicants in the nation, Mesalands College was selected as one of five college winners! Dr. Stephen Edwards, a professor of history and Esports coach, recounts the journey of receiving this incredible award.

“In June, the Esports team decided to apply for this award. Generation Esports runs leagues for competitive video gaming, and has been doing so for 10 years. Mesalands Community College’s application would compete for six top-of-the-line gaming computers and a full set of peripherals (gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, etc.).”

“On August 10th, a representative of Generation Esports reached out to the team to inform us that our application had been chosen as a finalist. The final step in the process would be an interview on August 16th, after which the winners would be notified. The Esports coaches and team were ecstatic! Of all the challenges facing a small college sports program, funding is foremost, and six gaming PCs would be a significant asset to Mesalands Stampede Esports. The coaching staff invited all of the student-athletes to the meeting with Generation Esports and we all crossed their fingers, hoping to nail the interview.” 

“As it happened, the interview was a ruse. Mesalands CC had already been chosen as a winner, Generation Esports just wanted to capture our candid reactions to being announced winners! They told us they, and the sponsors at AMD and Asus were impressed with our application, and that the PCs would be shipping out at some point during the Fall of 2022.” 

“Our fond hope as Esports program coaches at Mesalands CC is not just that we have the resources to play games now, which is important, but also to demonstrate that Esports at Mesalands has national clout and is here to stay. This significant, national prize will help Mesalands Stampede Esports show everyone inside the College and out that we have the ability, dedication, and resources necessary to make our program a success.” 

To read more about other winners including Middle Schools and High Schools, visit Generation Esports page. If you or someone you know are interested in joining Esports, email us at [email protected]