Mesalands begins “Simply Crafty” Fall Community Education classes

November 2, 2015

Mesalands Community College is pleased to announce that the Fall 2015 Community Education classes will begin this month. Many of the classes are geared towards the ‘inner crafter.’

Create a beautiful window wall decoration (Country Chic – Nov. 17), design your own holiday card (Holiday Card Making – Nov. 17), or transform your old bottles into home décor (Beautiful Bottles and DIY Party Décor – Nov.19). Document family memories in two fun-filled days of scrapbooking (Scrapper’s Challenge-Weekend Scrap-a-thon – Nov. 14 and 15).

Learn basic drawing techniques, including line, composition and shading (Drawing for Beginners – Nov. 10). Participate in weekly writing workshops to unlock your creativity and improve your powers of imagination (Creative Writing Workshop – Thursdays through Dec. 10).

Prepare authentic Chinese dishes, using ingredients found in the local grocery store (Ancient Chinese Secret:Chinese Cooking – Nov. 12 and 13).

Other Fall Community Education classes, include a basic self-defense class to learn how to defend yourself in difficult situations (Introduction to Self Defense – November 7 and 14) and design, build, and test robotic devices (Introduction to Robotics Workshop – November 10).

For more information, please contact (575) 461-4413, ext. 176, or visit