Mesalands announces online and on-campus classes to be offered this summer

May 15, 2017

Mesalands Community College will be offering a variety of on-campus and online classes during the summer. Current college students, recent high school or high school equivalency graduates, dual enrollment students, and professionals, are encouraged to sign up for summer classes. The summer semester is an opportune time for students to earn college credits toward their degree and/or certificate, to explore a new career field, or to improve one’s skills. Summer classes will be offered during three different sessions: Summer Session I: May 30 – June 23 (4-Week Session), Summer Session II: May 30 – July 21 (8-Week Session) and Summer Session III: June 26 – July 21
(4-Week Session).

Students in the GEOL 120: Paleontology Field Discovery class at Mesalands, excavate dinosaur fossils during a week-long class offered in June and July. Students will then process the specimens at the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum and Natural Sciences Laboratory.

Courses offered on-campus (face-to-face) this summer at Mesalands include: Artistic Silversmithing, Fine Arts, Communications, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Geology (Paleontology), Reading, Sociology, and Student College Success.

Mesalands will also be offering over 30 online classes, including: Allied Health Science, Anthropology, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education, Health Sciences, History, Mathematics, Music, Psychology, Statistics, and Wind Energy Technology.

Students that enroll in six or more credit hours for the summer, will also receive the free Stampede Gym Membership during the summer semester.

Financial aid in the forms of scholarships, grants, and work-study are available to those who qualify. Mesalands also provides specific scholarships for recent high school students who successfully completed a dual enrollment class through Mesalands and for recent high school equivalency graduates. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information at (575) 461-4413, ext. 136.

For an official class schedule, visit