Granite International conducts intern training at Wind Center

Granite International continues strong partnership with Mesalands Community College

July 31, 2013

Caption. (Right) Jerome F. Kaiser, Tech III/EHS Specialist Wind for GE, reviews some last minute notes with Justin Nicovach, Wind Energy Technology student at Mesalands, as they prepare to climb the 1.5 megawatt wind turbine at the North American Wind Research and Training Center.

Granite Services International Inc, an affiliate of General Electric (GE), held training for their participants in their Wind Technician Internship Program, at the North American Wind Research and Training Center, located at Mesalands Community College. Granite had use of the College’s 1.5 megawatt GE wind turbine, classroom space, and lecture hall to conduct their training. Six interns from Granite Services, and two interns from GE participated in the training this year, and one was a Mesalands Wind Energy Technology student. Their training at the Wind Center included, Tower Rescue Training, Self-Rescue Training, CPR/First Aid Certification, New Hire Orientation, OSHA-10 Hour Training, and a Climb Test.

“Being host to the Granite and GE indoctrination training for their internship programs here on campus, is a win-win for all parties,” said Jim Morgan, Director of the North American Wind Research and Training Center. “We welcome the opportunity to share our first-class facilities at the Wind Center with international companies, like Granite and GE.”

To participate in the paid summer Wind Internship Program with Granite International, students must be pursuing a two-year Wind/Renewable Technology degree from one of their partnered colleges. The student must also submit a cover letter, a resume, a letter describing why they are applying for the internship, a letter of recommendation, and college transcripts demonstrating a minimum of a 2.8 GPA. After successfully completing the internship, the students maintains their GPA, and obtains their degree, they will be guaranteed full-time employment with Granite International.

Six interns from Granite Services, and two interns from GE participated in the training this year.

“The College feels fortunate that it is one of only five wind training programs in the country, that Granite has selected for possible candidates for their internship program. The technicians hired by Granite from this program have become recognized within the company for their skills and professionalism,” Morgan said. “We also want to thank Jerry Meyers, who has been a valuable partner in providing another career path for our graduates.”

Jerry Myers, Service Manager for Granite Services International Inc, says he visits Mesalands during the fall semester each year, to meet with first-year Wind Energy Technology students to discuss the internship program. He says he been coming to Mesalands for the past five years, because of the high caliber of interns and employees they have recruited and retained from this program.

“The facilities here at the Wind Center are great! We’ve also had great success with the people we’ve hired from Mesalands, and that’s why we keep trying to get out here every year,” Myers said. “Melinda Hadley works for Granite and she graduated from Mesalands in 2010. She is a rock star! Other Mesalands graduates, Paulo Caserta received a silver award for which he received two days’ pay, and got his name in the company newsletter. He and Adam Chrisman (Mesalands Wind Energy Technology Graduate), were involved in a project last year supporting GE, that ultimately saved GE $2 million dollars.”

Six interns from Granite Services, and two interns from GE participated in the training this year.

Every year since 2009, Wind Energy Technology students from Mesalands have been selected for this prestigious internship program.

Justin Nicovich, 20, a Wind Energy Technology student at Mesalands, was selected this year for the Granite Services Wind Technician Internship Program. Nicovach is from Sandia Park, NM and graduated from Moriarty High School. He is pursuing an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Wind Energy Technology from Mesalands.

“The Wind Program at Mesalands is pretty awesome! They’ve treated me very well,” Nicovach said.

Nicovich is working at the Flat Water Wind Farm in Nebraska this summer.