Clovis Community College Wind Students train at the North American Wind Research and Training Center

May 27, 2014

Wind students at Clovis Community College recently took a field trip to the North American Wind Research and Training Center (NAWRTC) at Mesalands Community College, to obtain hands-on experience. These students had the opportunity to climb the College’s 1.5 megawatt wind turbine and utilize the first-class facilities at the NAWRTC.

“The facilities at Mesalands are definitely top-notch. I wouldn’t think anyone else would have their own wind turbine,” said Eddie Roberts, Wind Energy Student at Clovis Community College. “Any hands-on experience a student can get during a technical program, such as this, is invaluable to themselves and a potential employer.”

Roberts is pursuing a Certificate in Industrial Technology and Wind Energy at Clovis Community College. Roberts and four other students from Clovis, successfully completed a one-credit course at Mesalands and obtained their Tower Rescue Training Certification.

“I haven’t had any students that made the climb that didn’t love it. They have all enjoyed the experience,” said Jim Mitchel, Instructor of Industrial Technology in Wind at Clovis Community College. “I really like that Mesalands Community College and Clovis Community College are working together to make this happen for the students. I think it really helps them when they go out and apply for a job, that they can say that they have climbed before, and have the experience.”

Mitchell stated that Clovis Community College has been working with Mesalands for the past three years. He stated that he has been very pleased with the training that his students have obtained at the NAWRTC.

“We work with many different organizations and companies from all across the U.S. that utilize our facilities and wind turbine, in order to advance the future research of wind energy technology, or to train students to become well-qualified wind technicians,” said Jim Morgan, Director of the North American Wind Research and Training Center. “We have enjoyed working with the students and instructors from Clovis Community College and we want to continue this partnership, well into the future.