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Dual Enrollment Students

Mesalands Community College works with a number of area schools to provide high school students with Dual Enrollment options to begin earning college credit while still in high school.

Current graduation requirements for the state of New Mexico specify that all students must complete at least one honors, advanced placement, dual credit, or distance learning course. In choosing dual credit, a student not only meets high school graduation requirements, but also begins earning college credit.

Courses available for Dual Enrollment

The majority of courses offered at Mesalands Community College are eligible for Dual Credit, including applied science courses.

All Dual Enrollment courses are approved by the high school.

Courses not eligible for Dual Credit include pre-collegiate courses, physical education activity courses, and courses taken for audit.

The Cost of Dual Enrollment Courses

Tuition is waived by Mesalands Community College. The high school is responsible for textbooks and supplies for students who are dually enrolled.

Students who are home-schooled or in private school are responsible for books and supply costs associated with Dual Enrollment courses.

Additional Student Responsibilities

  • Students must adhere to all College policies in regards to conduct and academic procedure and follow the course syllabus in all courses.
  • Any disciplinary events will be subject to disciplinary action as stated in the Student Handbook; and subject to a formal meeting with the high school and College administration.
  • Students must meet payment deadlines as stated in the Catalog.
  • Students will follow Catalog policies in the year in which they enroll and are also expected to follow the policies outlined in the State agreement and the New Mexico Administrative code (NMAC) legislation.

Admissions Check-List for Dual Enrollment Students

Degrees and Certificates

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