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Steps to Enroll for the Introduction to Wind Course

To be eligible for training you must be 18 years of age or over, and: 1) have a Social Security Number; 2) have the right to work in the U.S.; 3) comply with Selective Services registration requirements (for males),.and 4) Meet SESP eligibility requirements, such as, but not limited to one of these following groups:

1. An Incumbent Worker (currently employed) (need copy of W-2)
2. A dislocated worker (laid-off due to closure of reduction in force)
3. Currently unemployed
4. Disabled
5. Eligible veteran or qualified spouse of a veteran (need copy of DD214 discharge form)
6. Meet low-income eligibility guidelines (Need proof of income for the past six months or public assistance records)

2. Fill-out the following forms to qualify for Grant Funding.

  1. Pre-Training Application
  2. FERPA Waiver
  3. Civil Rights and Grievance Procedures
  4. Participant Drug Free Workplace
  5. SESP Employment Plan
  6. Participant Terms and Conditions

3.  Must submit a copy of your:

1. Drivers License
2. Social Security Card
3. Birth Certificate or Passport (for verification)

4. Complete required physical exam.

5. Register for classes.

If you have any questions, please contact (575) 461-4413, ext. 156.