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Student Activities And Organizations

Astronomy Club
Astronomy Club is for all students interested in astronomy. The club sponsors several fundraisers each year. Money earned is used to send members to observatories and to purchase equipment for the club.

Chi Alpha/College Christian Fellowship
Chi Alpha/College Christian Fellowship promotes the spiritual life of the students of Mesalands Community College by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, and prayer. Chi Alpha meets periodically in small and large gatherings. Students assume the planning and scheduling of all meetings and special events. Membership will include any interested students who are enrolled at Mesalands Community College. Chi Alpha is a non-discriminatory organization.

Gamers Club
Gamers Club was created to provide a way for people at Mesalands Community College who enjoy gaming and to meet others with similar interests. The College defines “Gamers” as the diverse multi-player games that are separate from traditional sports activities. These include, but are not limited to: role playing, card games, collectible trading card games, board games, multi-player computer games, and tabletop war games.

General Education Development (GED) Club
The GED Club is for students enrolled in the Mesalands Community College GED Program. The club sponsors students in need of assistance with their testing fees.

“Hispanic Heritage Club: Amistad”
Spanish Club is for students taking Spanish as a foreign language and also for those who speak Spanish or are interested in Spanish culture. One of the long-term goals of the Spanish Club is to practice speaking Spanish by coordinating a trip to Mexico.

Horse Club
The Horse Club has been established to attract prospective students interested in Horses to enroll at Mesalands. Allow eligible students to participate in Horse Show competitions as a member of the National Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) and to represent Mesalands at IHSA events. Increase and maintain the interest of the Mesalands students in the sport of intercollegiate show, horsemanship, and sportsmanship.

Mesalands Experienced Student Association (MESA)
Mesalands Experienced Student Association (MESA) is designed to provide support and advocacy to nontraditional students at Mesalands Community College. Membership is open to any Mesalands student who fulfills membership requirements. This includes any undergraduate student who is 24 years or older, or any student under 24 who considers him or herself a nontraditional student.

Native American Club
Native American Club promotes increased awareness and cultural understanding of the indigenous people of America at Mesalands Community College and the respective community. Membership is open to any student of Mesalands Community College.

Natural Sciences Club
Natural Sciences Club provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge of their surroundings. Innovative field trips and informative lectures with topics ranging from astronomy to paleontology are provided through the Natural Sciences Club. Hands-on experience is emphasized through cooperative work in the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum and Natural Science Laboratories where the scientific method is put to practical use. This organization provides students with a chance to broaden their horizons and gives the community an opportunity to share in a culturally enriching experience.

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society membership is based on academic achievement. The Society offers students leadership opportunities, lifetime membership, and opportunities for intellectual enrichment and personal development through scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

Rodeo Club
Rodeo Club offers students with an interest in rodeo the opportunity to develop their skills and participate in various rodeo events. The club attends and hosts rodeos, team roping competitions, and dances.

SkillsUSA Club
SkillsUSA Club is open to students enrolled in an Occupational Education Program. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. The Skills USA Club offers students an opportunity to develop their job and industry skills, as well as to participate in various related events.

Student Senate
Student Senate is open to all students at Mesalands Community College. One of the goals of Student Senate is to assume the responsibilities of participatory governance in a joint effort among students, faculty, staff and administration. Student Senate sponsors programs and activities for the entire campus.

Robotics Club

The mission of the society shall be to promote increased awareness in the sciences and promote the field of robotics here at Mesalands Community College and the respective community. Membership is open to any student of Mesalands Community College.

Student Horseshoers Organization for Excellence (S.H.O.E.)
Student Horseshoers Organization for Excellence (S.H.O.E.) encourages students with an interest in horses and horseshoeing, to participate in the club. S.H.O.E. is a member of the New Mexico Professional Horseshoers Association and is actively involved in national farrier associations. The club attends and hosts clinics, competitions, and certifications related to horseshoeing and horses, and also sponsors recreational activities.

Students In Free Enterprise (S.I.F.E.)
Students In Free Enterprise (S.I.F.E.) is a nonprofit organization that gives students the tools to learn the free enterprise system in a real working situation. Guided by faculty advisors, who are named Sam M. Walton Free Enterprise Fellows in honor of the late WalMart founder, S.I.F.E. teams establish a variety of community outreach programs that teach free enterprise. Help is given to budding entrepreneurs to get their plans off the ground and mentors are available for at-risk students, inspiring them to reach for their dreams.

Wind Energy Technology Club
Wind Energy Technology Club is open to students enrolled in the Wind Energy Technology Program. The club has three areas of focus: 1) Career awareness – To increase awareness in the wind energy industry of the Wind Energy Technology Program at Mesalands Community College, 2) Educational enhancement – To gather resources that will enhance the education and training areas of the Wind Energy Technology Program, 3) Community involvement – Develop local relationships in community activities and projects.


The College offers a wide range of student activities throughout the year including an on-campus rodeo, Lighting of the Courtyard, dances, and cultural events. Please refer to the Calendar of Events for specific dates.


Intercollegiate Rodeo
The College is a member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and competes in the Grand Canyon Region rodeos, which include New Mexico and Arizona. The co-educational team competes in rodeos in the fall and spring. The College hosts an annual on-campus rodeo each year at the competition-size rodeo arena.

Students must meet national eligibility guidelines and be enrolled full-time in order to participate in the college rodeos throughout the region. The top athletes from the region compete in the College National Finals Rodeo in June each year.

Intramural Sports
Intramural Sports are offered at the College to meet the needs and interests of students. Each semester may include mud volleyball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and basketball depending upon the interest expressed by the student body.