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Changes to Enrollment

Students may drop or add courses until the end of the second week of class. Dropping a course means that it will not appear on a permanent transcript record. Regular semester courses may be dropped until the end of the second week of class. Students may withdraw from a course beginning after the second week of class and until the deadline published in the College calendar. A withdrawn course will remain on a student’s transcript with an official grade of ‘W.’

A drop/add fee is charged for the processing of any course schedule changes. Full and partial refunds for dropped courses are disseminated on or after the day the course begins in accordance with the College calendar. Please note that some programs and courses require a non-refundable deposit upon enrollment. This deposit is not refundable regardless of when the course is dropped.

To drop, add, or withdraw from a course:

  • Stop by the Student Affairs office in Building A and complete a Course Schedule Change Form. This form should be signed by the student’s advisor, the instructor(s) whose course or courses is/are being dropped/ added/withdrawn from and the Financial Aid Office.
  • If it is impractical to visit the College, call (575) 461-4413, ext. 153 to complete the process by phone.