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On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities

On-Campus Student Employment is available through Direct College Employment or through Federal, State and Institutional Work Study.  Usually, any job that is part-time on campus can be filled by a student either through Direct College Employment or through Work Study, although budgets available for Direct College Employment are more limited. Students may not exceed 20 hours of work per week of total employment for the college, regardless of the source of funds.  Students eligible for Work Study must use those funds before being considered for Direct College Employment.

To determine eligibility for Work Study funds students must complete a Student Employment Application and submit to the Financial Aid office.  Direct College Employment of students is processed through the Human Resources office.

Direct College Employment of students is typically for use during summer terms or other semesters when a student is not currently taking sufficient credits to qualify for financial aid, or for those students not qualifying for financial aid.  If the student is currently not enrolled, or under-enrolled, they must have been enrolled with a full-time status at least the semester prior to the time when the student is seeking employment.   All students participating in Direct College Employment must be in good academic standing with the college.

On-Campus Student Employment is a flexible work option for our students that works around your course schedule, with several positions available on campus. Vacancies may be available in the following departments:

Please contact the Financial Aid office for available work-study positions on campus

If you are seeking Direct College Employment, please see Tammy Hall in the Human Resources office:

Tammy Hall
Human Resources Specialist
911 South Tenth Street
Tucumcari, NM 88401
(575) 461-4413 ext 213

If you are currently receiving financial aid, please contact Jessica Gonzales, Director of Financial Aid to determine eligibility for Work Study:

Jessica Gonzales
Director of Financial Aid
911 South Tenth Street
Tucumcari, NM 88401
(575) 461-4413, ext. 136
Email:  [email protected]