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Summer Adventure Camp Schedule

CE 266: Swing the Scene!

July 23 – August 1, Tuesdays and Thursdays
7 – 8 pm | A238 Mesalands Fitness Facility
Ages: 16+
Instructor: Sherra Swapp
Come join this fun class where students learn how to wow the crowd on the dance floor. Students will be learning beginning swing dance moves that are exciting for all types of people.
Cost: $25

CE 281-02: Design a Website for Beginners

July 11 and 12, Thursday and Friday
6 – 9 pm | A114
Ages: 13+
Instructor: Michael Bilopavlovich

Design your website utilizing free sources. Instruction will include: email start-up for site, website design, and source knowledge. Dazzle your friends and family with your very own site. Keyboarding skills required.
Cost: $20

CE 473-01: Car Care Workshop

July 20, Saturday
1 – 3 pm | A114
Ages: 15+

This workshop will provide drivers with the basic knowledge to independently take care of their vehicle. In addition, common, but unexpected problems that many drivers face will also be covered. Participants will leave with increased confidence and understanding of how to keep their car running smoothly. Workshop topics will include: tire care and maintenance, the importance of proper fluid levels, battery life, dash board indicators, brake/head lights, how to deal with road side emergencies, and common wear and tear.

Bring your car and owner’s manual, as there will be time for car specific questions and answers.
Cost: $15

CE 515-01: Introduction to Pythagorean Philosophy

July 8 and 9, Monday and Tuesday
9 am – 12 pm | A119
Ages: 15+
Instructor: Ella Stotts
This class will introduce students to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Students will also study numbers 1 through 10 and their meanings and correspondences in art, nature, and philosophy.
Cost: $10

Bricks4KidZ Day Camp

In this hands-on class, campers will design and build machines, catapults, and buildings out of LEGO® bricks. While exploring engineering, architecture and physics, campers will develop prolem solving and critical thinking skills.
Space is limited so register early! NOTE: Bring two snacks and a lunch.

Instructor: Robbi Andazola

SAC 102-01: Bricks4Kidz Camp
Thursday, July 18
8:30 am – 4:30 pm | A222
Ages: 5 – 11
Cost: $80

SAC 102-02: Bricks4Kidz Camp
Friday, July 19
8:30 am – 4:30 pm | A222
Ages: 5 – 11
Cost: $80

Black Rocket Tech Camp

The Black Rocket program is powered by the camper’s innate imagination and designed to bring their ideas to life. Campers will demonstrate their masterpiece during the camp recital.

SAC 103-01 LEGO© Films and Stop Action!
July 8 – 12, Monday – Friday
9 am – 12 pm | A114
Ages: 8 – 14
Instructors: Joel Kiser and Rachael Kiser
Make your LEGO©s come to life! Bring in your favorite action figures or LEGO©s and create a short film. This class brings your dreams to the screen.
Cost: $50

SAC 104-01 Video Game Animation

July 8 – 12, Monday – Friday
1 – 4 pm | A114
Ages: 8 – 14
Instructor: Joel Kiser
Campers can take their game design skills to the next level by creating and animating their own character sprites, objects, and backgrounds. Campers will create a fully animated character to be used in their very own game.
Cost $50

SAC 222-01: Introduction to Guitar

July 8 and 10, Monday and Wednesday
1 0 – 11 am | A212
Ages: 10+
Instructor: Phillip Swapp
In this class, campers will learn some easy form chords along with strumming exercises to build their skills and chord knowledge. Campers should bring their own guitar class.
Cost: $15

SAC 231-01: Summer Art Camp

July 15 – 18, Monday – Thursday
9 am – 2:30 pm (12 – 12:30 pm lunch) | D501
Ages: 8 – 14
Instructors: Joel Kiser, Rachael Kiser, and
Yousif Del Valle
In this class, campers will develop their skills in a variety of mediums, including: watercolor, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and acrylic painting. Campers create original artwork inspired by dynamic thematic curriculum.
NOTE: Bring two snacks and a lunch.
Cost: $50

* Class will be held off campus.

For questions, please contact:

Bunni Carr Morris
Community and Adult Education Liaison
Mesalands Community College
911 South Tenth Street
Tucumcari, NM 88401
(575) 461-4413, ext. 113