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Wind Turbine Technician Training

The Wind Energy Technology Program at the North American Wind Research and Training Center has lowered its costs.  

The cost is now more reasonable than ever! Enroll now!

For comparison of wind energy college program costs between Mesalands Community College and other institutions, consider the following:

Average Semester (15-credit hours) Non-Resident Tuition, Fees, and Books
*Source: College Net Price Calculator 

  • A nearby community college in Texas* $10,760.00
  • A community college in Oregon* $4,884.00
  • A community college in Iowa* $6,741.00
  • Mesalands Community College $2,300.00    Savings of $2,584.00

Wind Energy Technology School

Students in the Wind Energy Technology Program at Mesalands Community College receive real-world experience. The opportunity to climb the College’s General Electric 1.5-megawatt ESS wind turbine is invaluable, and it provides students with vital skills that employers are seeking. During their wind turbine technician training, students conduct troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and repairs on the wind turbine as needed. This hands-on practice prepares students for on-the-job challenges they will face when they enter the workforce.

As the need for cleaner and more efficient energy grows, so will the need for well-trained wind turbine techicians. A typical beginning salary for a technician with a degree (A.A.S) can be $45,000 or more. Areas of employment include Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Traveling Technician, Commissioner, Sales, and Construction. As this industry grows, there will be opportunities for fast-paced advancement that leads to careers in management and other exciting opportunities—including working and living overseas.

At Mesalands Community College, our goal is to help students gain worthwhile skills and experience. Our wind turbine technician training paves the way for successful careers in wind energy technology. The combination of real-world experience and in-depth study fosters an effective learning environment where students grow.

If you want to learn more about our Wind Energy Technology Program, use the resources below for more information.

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