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Pre-Medical Arts

Pre-Nursing Certificate

The pre-nursing certificate enables students to fulfill the transfer requirements for entering two or four-year nursing programs at other institutions. Students take non-nursing academic courses in science, mathematics, and the humanities for matriculation into a professional nursing program. The College’s course offerings allow pre-nursing students to build a strong foundation for future study in the field upon successful completion of the certificate.

Occupational Certificate Requirements

Certificate Pre-Nursing – Plan of Study


The goals of a dentist are to care for and preserve natural teeth and periodontium, provide prosthetics when necessary, educate people about oral health and hygiene and to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. This degree program is designed to introduce students to the field of dentistry. The curriculum emphasizes fundamentals of science, math, social behavior and verbal and written communication skills. Due to small class sizes, faculty are more accessible to students. This gives students greater opportunity for more one-on-one assistance. These faculty are highly qualified within their fields of instruction.

Curriculum Requirements

AA Pre-Dentistry – Plan of Study


This program consists of the first two years of course work that will enable a student to transfer to a four-year institution for the completion of pre-medicine. The program is offered with concentrations in physics, chemistry, and biology.

Due to the small class sizes, faculty are more accessible to students. This gives students greater opportunity for one-on-one assistance. Our faculty are highly qualified within their respective fields of instruction.

Degree Requirements

AA Pre-Medicine – Plan of Study


The goals of veterinary medicine are to practice preventive medicine to keep animals in good health, to diagnose and treat sick animals, and to counsel owners, community leaders and the public regarding maintaining the health of animals. The Pre-Veterinary Medicine curriculum  similar to our pre-medicine program. Emphasis is on courses in animal science, comparative vertebrate anatomy, animal physiology, and chemistry. Small class sizes allow faculty to be more accessible to students. This, in turn, gives students greater opportunities for one-on-one assistance.

Degree Requirements

AA Pre-Veterinary – Plan of Study


Dr. Phillip Kaatz