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Iron Pour Schedule

Mesalands Hot Iron 21 – March 8-14, 2020

Daily Studio Hours 9 AM-9 PM

  • Remember: Begin breaking your iron as soon as possible- we recommend breaking iron in 30 minutes time blocks throughout the week. If you have iron to give; radiators, sinks, bathtubs etc. And you wish to donate them to the pour, this would be greatly appreciated. Remember to wear your face shield, spats and gloves when breaking iron. Do not swing hammers wildly, be aware of your surroundings and the people working around you, break iron in the designated areas only please.

  • Remember: If you’re working with ceramic shell – begin dipping as soon as possible so your piece has sufficient time to dry, be melted out and make any repairs if necessary. As soon as it is finished, dip it- do not wait until you finish your series of 4 heads to dip them all. Dip them as soon as each one is done. Sprue as you go.

  • Remember: If you’re working with sand molds, start as soon as you are ready. We work in teams, we clean in teams, we finish in teams. When you have a pattern ready, ask who needs sand? Sand molding works better as a group. You need at least 2 people to make sand. The sand setting time depends on ambient temperature. This can range anywhere from 2 -4 hours. If it’s cold your sand will take longer to set. If it’s too hot, your sand may set before you can put it into your mold. Consult your instructors before you begin mixing. If you can pre make your flask (mold box) that would be great. If you want to make your flask here bring wood to do it. We will have some scrap wood on hand but this will be in limited supply.
  • Remember: all hands out of the muller when the machine is running.