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Western Silversmithing Classes

The Cowboy Arts/Western Silversmithing and Fabrication Program is a vibrant element of traditional western culture arts. Students learn design, fabrication, and engraving techniques to produce premium quality bits, spurs, buckles, bracelets, and pendants. These Items are are worn and used in traditional western culture, and they’re often selected to express the individual’s style and personality. Delicate craftsmanship is what makes these pieces stand out. At Mesalnds Community College, we provide comprehensive western silversmithing classes to help students learn the Cowboy Arts.

Specialized Western Silversmith Education

Many generic silversmithing programs relate to jewelry, and curriculum is often not applicable to cowboy gear designers. Buckles, spurs, and other traditional pieces require heavier materials. When you use silver that’s denser, it impacts the soldering method and fabrication temperature. Engraving techniques may also differ between jewelry and cowboy gear. Ultimately, general silversmith training won’t prepare a student for a career in western silversmithing.

We teach these nuanced principles at Mesalands Community College. Our western silversmithing classes cover the cowboy arts’ specialized techniques. Training includes many styles of engraving, such as western bright cut and single point. If you want tot learn sliversmiting so you can create artistic coboy hear, we offer the most relevant curriculum available anywhere.

Western Silversmith Careers

There are many career opportunities in this field, from self-employment to employment with major manufacturers. No matter which career path you decide to pursue, the techniques you learn in our western silversmithing school prepare you for success. In every degree or certificate program we offer, our goal is to give students as chance to practice their skills in relevant real-world environments. If you want o become a western silversmith, Mesalands Commnity College is the place to start. The resources below will tell you even more about our Cowboy Arts/Western Silversmithing and Fabrication Program. Learn more and start your career in artistic silversmithing today.

Degree Requirements

AAS Cowboy Arts/Western Silversmithing and Fabrication – Plan of Study

Applied Science Certificate – Artistic Silversmithing Plan of Study

Occupational Certificate – Artistic Silversmithing Plan of Study

Gainful Employment

Artistic Silversmithing – Applied Science Certificate

Artistic Silversmithing – Occupational Certificate


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