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Animal Science

The Animal Science Program at Mesalands Community College provides students with ample hands-on opportunities to further their careers in agriculture. The mission of the Animal Science Program is to expand student learning beyond the classroom and into the agriculture sector. Mesalands Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Animal Science and Agri-Business and an Associate of Arts Degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine.

The classroom setting at Mesalands is anything but traditional, yet
the college experience offers the next generation of ranch and natural
resource managers multiple applied learning venues to develop skills
and business management essentials to become a firstgeneration
entrepreneur or add a diversified skill set to a
multi-generational ranch legacy.

At Mesalands Community College, students have the opportunity to gather data and assist with research at the New Mexico State University Experiment Station located 4 miles from Tucumcari. Each year, students will also assist with the Tucumcari Bull Test and sale. Animal Science students will also learn about crop research with alfalfa hay, triticale, cotton, grain sorghum, and more.

Field Trips

Students will network with industry professionals while touring places such as the T4 Ranch, Franklin Show Lambs, CS Ranch, JBS-Cimarron Feedlot, Timber Creek Veterinary Clinic, and many more.

This program will help students better understand how the agriculture industry is rapidly changing and advancing, as we move into the 21st Century.

Meat School

Coming in the Fall of 2020, Mesalands (in cooperation with the
Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network) will be New Mexico’s home
to the Western Meat School – an innovative learning experience where
ranchers, butchers and others can learn how to direct market beef
and lamb. To enroll or seek more information contact Manny Encinias: [email protected]

Mesalands is the only learning academy in the Southwest where students can leave with the experience, confidence, and credentials to make a lasting
impact on the economies that built and continue to sustain rural New Mexico. In two years or less students can return to rural New Mexico with more than a diploma, but nationally recognized certification in Wind
Energy, Farrier Science, Silversmithing, Cowboy Arts, and Ranch Management.

Degree Requirements

AAS Animal Science – Plan of Study

Student Affairs Office
911 South Tenth Street
Tucumcari, NM 88401
(575) 461-4413, ext. 153

Mesalands Leads the Way Advancing Traditions of the Southwest
Mesalands Leads the Way Advancing Traditions of the Southwest