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Allied Health Success Stories

Alyssa Diaz, Graduate

“I’m glad I chose Mesalands because it gave me a successful future. Right out of college, I got a full-time job as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist at Presbyterian Medical Services.

It’s a really great program that teaches you what you need to know and gets you ready to go out there and work.

“My children were excited to see me  graduate again. It gives me comfort knowing that they see how successful I have become.”

Employer: Presbyterian Medical Services, Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist


Anastacia Moralez, Graduate

“It means that I don’t have to really depend on anyone else anymore. I don’t have to worry that my son can’t participate in a sport or activity. I can now afford to pay for my son to participate in those activities. With the money I’m making now, I can support him and we can be comfortable.”

Employer: TriCore Reference Laboratories, Clinical Laboratory Assistant




Sara Enriquez, Graduate

“I’m happy that I chose Mesalands because I received a quality education at an affordable price. I was also  offered a job immediately after receiving my certificates.

My life has changed after graduating, because I work in my chosen field of study. It is very rewarding both personally and professionally.”

Employer: TriCore Reference Laboratories, Clinical Lab Assistant I


Anastasia Schmitt, Graduate

“My time at Mesalands helped me to fall in love with patient care.  I also found out that venipuncture is not as scary as I thought.

I had a good support system from my classmates and the faculty and staff at Mesalands made my journey easier. My time at Mesalands led me to the decision to become a nurse.”

Employer: Plains Regional Medical Center, Nurse Tech II



Melissa Arellano, Graduate

“I’m glad I chose Mesalands because I could go to class and still keep my job.

My life has improved in a positive way. I now have a career, instead of just a job and I look forward to going to working every day. It was a learning experience and I am happy that I was finally able to do it.”

Employer: TriCore Reference Laboratories, Clinical Lab Assistant I