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Placement Testing


The COMPASS exam is a computerized placement test produced by ACT. Mesalands Community College has chosen COMPASS as an assessment tool for use in determining student preparedness for college-level courses.

What is the purpose of the COMPASS Placement Test?
The COMPASS Placement Test helps the College determine which future courses individual students are prepared for. After taking the test, students will be placed either in pre-collegiate or college-level courses. COMPASS assesses the skills needed for college success. COMPASS evaluates academic preparedness in the areas of writing, reading comprehension and mathematics. Students will receive neither a “passing” nor “failing” grade on the COMPASS test. The purpose of the test is merely to determine a student’s current skill level in specific areas so that they may be placed in the appropriate college courses.

Who must take the COMPASS Placement Test?
Students must take the COMPASS Test if they are:

  • Applying for admission to a degree or certificate program
  • Enrolling in a writing, math or reading course that requires a math or writing prerequisite
  • Entering any program that requires assessment in writing, math or reading

How does one prepare for the COMPASS Placement Test?
Mesalands Community College provides math review sheets to help students prepare for the placement exam. The review sheets are composed of a number of problems specific to each course. Click on the links below to download a review sheet (PDF’s):

  • Math 99 (General Math)
  • Math 100 Basic Math (Pre-Algebra)
  • Math 101(Basic Algebra)
  • Math 107 (Intermediate Algebra)