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Steps to Writing a Resume

The primary goal of a resume is to get a job interview.  No interview, no job.  Therefore, a resume is critical to a successful job search.  The following five (5) steps will greatly assist you in creating an effective resume.  Once your resume is complete, make an appointment with the Director of Career Services (by emailing or phoning (575) 461-4413, ext. 120) to have your resume reviewed and receive feedback on how to possibly make it even better.

  1. Make a hard copy of the Resume Worksheet.
  2. Complete that worksheet with as much detail as possible. The more meticulously you fill out the worksheet, the easier it will be to create an effective résumé.
  3. The next thing you need to do is determine what type of resume you should write based on the information contained on the worksheet. For our purposes, there are two types of resumes: Functional Resumes and Chronological Resumes.  To determine which one is right for you, consider the following:
    • Use a Functional Résumé if…
      • …you want to emphasize experience and skills over employment history.
      • …you are a recent graduate with no work history.
      • …you have extensive volunteer experience.
      • …your employment history has large gaps.
      • …you are changing careers.
    • Use a Chronological Resume if…
      • …you want to show a positive and consistent work and education record.
      • …the position you are applying for is similar to past or present jobs.
  4. Once you determine which type of resume is best for you, open a new MS Word Document and begin typing up your resume using the information from your worksheet. Remember to “save as” your document.
    • If you determine that a Functional Resume would work best for you, use the Functional Resume Example as a general guide when typing up your resume.
    • If you determine that a Chronological Resume would work best for you, use the Chronological Resume Example as a general guide when typing up your resume.
  5. Current Mesalands Community College students and first-year alumni can contact the Career Services Center ( or 575.461.4413 x120) to make an appointment for assistance on your resume.

Additional services available to qualified students and alumni include the following:

  • cover letter critiques
  • interview preparations
  • assistance with individual career guidance
  • assessment inventories
  • job search strategies