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Online Registration

If you plan to register online, please read the following carefully before proceeding:

If you are seeking a degree or certificate, it is your responsibility to verify the courses you register for are the ones you need for your plan of study. If you are not certain, you should see your adviser before attempting to register.

You will not be able to register for math, English, or reading classes if you have not already taken your first required course in these subjects.

If you are seeking a degree or Applied Science Certificate, you must take ACS 100, Student College Success, within your first 12 credits of enrollment.

Students who have been placed in pre-collegiate level courses (100 and below) must take at least one of these courses per semester. Overloads of more than 18 credits require special approval. You will not be able to register for an overload on-line; you will need to come to the College for approval.

If these requirements are not followed, your on-line registration will be canceled and it will be necessary for you to come in person to the College to register.

Once you have completed “Step 2″ of the online registration process, you will not be able to drop/withdraw from a class online. It will be necessary to come in person to the Student Services Office and complete a Course Schedule Change Form and pay a Drop/Add fee.

Bills must be paid by the Thursday prior to the first week of the semester. If bill is not paid in full by deadline, student will be disenrolled. It will then be necessary to re-enroll and a late fee will be assessed.

I have read the above and understand the requirements for online registration